I fell in love with horses at the ripe age of 3. Little did my parents know it was going to be one of the biggest love stories of my life. Fast forward to having a career in the technology industry and after a hiatus I decided to start riding again. To my surprise, buying apparel from fashion forward brands and finding high end tack was a challenge online. I  spent hours searching Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and various stores to find what I desired. That’s when I decided to start Saddle Shoppe.

Saddle Shoppe’s goal is to make equestrian shopping as seamless as possible for the busy equestrian. Each season is carefully curated to help you find the best of the best. Saddle Shoppe attends shows in Northern California each year, stop by and say hi. Be sure to meet our Chief Puppy Officer’s Dudley and Ollie.

Giddy Up, Jelica